The Celtic Tiger

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Collaboration with Gerlinda and Hans Jurgen Kugler, 2010
“Craft & Context: Influx”, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, (IMOCA), Dublin, Ireland 2010

Part One: Impressions
A home is made of what one sees and feels.
The Celtic Tiger brought new building, but fragile and limited timing.
Some people loosing their homes.

Part Two: Water is life
“Every object and being in the universe is
a jar overflowing with wisdom and beauty,
a drop of the Tigris that cannot be contained
by any skin. Every jarful splits and makes the earth
more shining, as though covered in satin.”

Jalai al-Om Muhammad Rumi
“The Gift of Water” Co. 18

Photos by Gerlinda and Hans Jurgen Kugler

Part Three: Encounters
A home is constructed of friendships.