Artist Statement

At this time in my life and career as an artist, I am most interested in the intersection of art making, natural sciences, environmental perception, arts education and peace making. The abilities and characteristics of glass: polarities and dichotomies: interior edges, reflections, transparency, magnification, brittle and molten, sharp and dull, smooth and rough, opaque and clear, rapid transformation to many forms, have served me well as one of my main mediums to address the confluence of environmental issues, art and science.

I believe in the magical power of the creative process, the creative art flux that can bring diverse people together to work and learn from each other and nature. It is the power that can bring forth the best in each individual thru looking and seeing anew, that can bring forth new visions and new ways of dealing sanely with critical environmental and social problems facing us. Art making brings forth curiosity, collaboration, hope, humor, appreciation, affection, some of my favorite states of being.